By | May 24, 2018

These transactions, recorded the week of May 25, are compiled from information on file with the respective counties. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.


3505 W. Willow Knolls Road, Unit 3D, Peoria, Mark Wiltz to Susan L. Jasinski, $80,000.

416 W. Albany Ave., Peoria, Anita M. Escamilla to Jared Hirschy, $84,000.

3907 W. Farmington Road, Peoria, Billy D. and Sandra M. Randle to State of Illinois Department of Transportation, $91,000.

326 E. Elmhurst Ave., Peoria, Justin S. Jones to Amanda L. Nauman, $91,500.

1420 N. Idaho St., West Peoria, Gabriel and Valerie Tongate to Justin D. Garza, $92,000.

4307 W. Castleton Road, Peoria, Susan Stoner to Kyle J. Schuster and Tasha L. Harris, $97,500.

2509 N. Wilson Drive, Peoria, Kristy L. Steinseifer to Richard and Tracy Bourlet, $107,000.

2118 W. Kellogg Ave., West Peoria, Marcus H. and Keri Bailey to Joseph Kale, $107,500.

716 E. Lake Ave., Peoria, Ronald L. II and Joan L. Coleman to Ryan W. Blackorby, $108,000.

5916 N. Tampico Drive, Peoria, Ginger Cunningham to Ashley E. and Stephanie B. Elias, $109,000.

918 N. Rebecca Place, Peoria, Valerie C. Jadd to Gregory M. and Leslie K. Foti, $114,250.

2307 W. Kensington Drive, Peoria, Dustin M. and Jeanne Hess to Brandon A. and Kristina M. Benda, $117,000

2611 S. Tiara Strip, Peoria, James A. and Beverly D. Peacock to Billy D. and Sandra M. Randle, $120,000.

600 N. Coolidge Court, West Peoria, Benjamin A. and Molly E. Reed to Joseph Harris-Standridge, $123,000.

519 N. Fifth St., Chillicothe, Traci J. Draper to Aaron D. Vaughn, $124,900.

126 E. Clinton St., Brimfield, Marc A. and Stephanie M. Koch to Nathan E. Schaub, $128,000.

3601 W. Richwoods Blvd., Peoria, Edward and M. Dolores Lavin to Zachary Nelson, $130,000.

928 W. Trailcreek Drive, Peoria, Jeffrey S. and Corinne Wolffe to Anne K. Giddens, $137,000.

10216 W. Knox St., Edwards, Kevin and Michelle Windish to William McFarden, $137,500.

1823 W. Dunnrobin Court, Peoria, Thomas J. and Jodey L. Chapman to Dustin T. and Nichole M. Mayer, $143,000.

3341 W. Lisa Lane, Peoria, Edward A. and Jennifer A. Flores to Ronnie Hudson, $155,000.

3811 S. Paramount Road, Bartonville, Allan S. Gresham to Matthew W. Bahan, $158,500.

6003 N. Kickapoo-Edwards Road, Edwards, Kathleen A. Alsene and Larry E. Burdette Heirs to Michael J. and Luann Baldock, $165,000.

4013 N. Hawthorne Place, Peoria, Brittany S. Lees to Marc I. Riess and Pamela S. Gotschalk, $192,500.

3014 N. Bigelow St., Peoria, Jaron J. and Michelle R. Bromm to David and Michelle Rak, $205,000.

6731 N. Upper Skyline Drive, Peoria, Terry F. Fruehauf to Randy S. and Jodie L. Acevedo, $225,000.

20902 N. Deer Bluffs Drive, Chillicothe, Matthew T. and Elena M. Kiser to Carl A. and Mary A. Ferrie, $228,000.

2701 S. Cameron Lane, Peoria, Anne K. Giddens to Jennifer Miller, $235,000.

7717 W. Brianna Drive, Mapleton, D. David and Suzanne Bonds to Nicholas and Casey Ehlers, $247,000.

6855 N. Fox Point Drive, Peoria, Michael E. Decker to Bradley and Sarah Beam, $249,500.

6806 N. Aycliffe Drive, Peoria, James A. and Amy K. Becker to Chris and Katrina Reynolds, $295,000.

4004 W. Talus Court, Peoria, Richard G. and Joan G. Braham to Timothy Hunt, $295,000.

6109 W. Diversey Court, Edwards, Signature Homes of Bloomington to Wade R. and Cristina Adamson, $308,000.

10626 N. Alex Drive, Peoria, Pamela F. Kronenwett-Geoffroy to Michael P. and Joan M. Schollmeier, $335,000.

6204 N. Kilkenny Drive, Edwards, Rolin G. and Deborah A. Hofmann to David J. and Ricann H. Pacheco, $360,000.

6212 N. Lauren Lane, Peoria, William P. and Sherrie M. Nagy to Christel Loyd, $363,500.

6509 S. Hollis Road, Peoria, Charles R. and Carolyn Johnson to Bradley J. Belser, $460,500.

4009 W. Tangleoaks Court, Peoria, Walter and Colleen Bradbury and Karen M. Stumpe to David R. and Catherine A. Gromer, $625,000.

5801 W. War Memorial Drive, Peoria, Spirit Am Peoria IL LLC to Methodist Services Inc., $7,900,000.


206 N. Maple Ave., Minier, Ryan E. and Abigail C. King, Denise G. and Michael S. King to Kyle A. Pierson LaBerge and Amber LaBerge, $84,000.

131 Pontiac Road, Marquette Heights, Timmothy A., Tracy L. and Wendi L. Nagel to Ryan R. and Heidi N. Janssen, $87,500.

1702 St. Clair Drive, Pekin, Ronald E. Hall to Craig A. and Jean M. Testa, $107,000.

368 S. Glen St., Morton, Fannie Mae to Richard W. McCord, $107,500.

108 Shoshone Drive, Unit 5, East Peoria, James and Janeth Geber to Patrice M. Hess, $110,000.

202 Timber Lane, East Peoria, Clayton Phelps to Cody A. Richrath, $121,500.

217 Park Ave., East Peoria, Martin R. and Karla Anderson to Kelin C. and Ashley C. Randall, $124,000.

116 Highview Terrace, East Peoria, John R. Erickson to Jessica M. Stovall, $142,500.

137 Tanglewood Lane, East Peoria, Michael L. Bryan, Linda Y. Kling and Julie A. Noble to Toby J. and Bryanne L. Tinnon, $142,500.

300 Devonshire Road, Washington, Jeffrey L. Thomas to Miranda Axsom, $144,000.

224 Freedom Trail, East Peoria, Javan D. and Rebecca Hall to Mary Jo Montgomery, $145,000.

204 Freedom Trail, East Peoria, Karen Marek to John Tillotson, $153,000.

629 Heritage Drive, Mackinaw, James C. and Mary J. Galvan to Brand R. and Tammi R. Slack, $169,000.

100 Cedar Ave., Morton, David J. and Cassandra Allen to Laura Greenwood and Miles Miller, $176,000.

1524 Mackenzie St., Washington, Skye Properties LLC to Sean P. and Stephanie M. Sample, $202,000.

48.51 acres, rural route, Mackinaw, Austin W. and Holly Elgin to Warren L. and Jodi R. Elgin, $204,000.

602 Park Trail Road, Mackinaw, Joseph A. and Jean M. Francis to Jason L. Gallup and Jennifer C. Hutson, $220,000.

Vacant land, Tazewell County, Delmar L. and Ruthie Martin to Keith R. Schick, $230,000.

Vacant land, Tazewell County, Colleen J. Martin to Keith R. Schick, $230,000.

313 Amelia Drive, East Peoria, Jenjer LLC to Stephani Erp and Keith McElyea, $239,000.

181 Yordy Road, Morton, 431 Properties LLC to David and Kendra Bailey, $240,000.

813 Agnes St., Washington, 309 Builders LLC to Ryan and Casey Pfeifer, $284,000.

316 E. Idlewood St., Morton, Kenneth D. and Roseanna J. Parker to Stanley V. and Betty J. Apke, $290,000.

212 Harbor Pointe Drive, East Peoria, Betty J. Brenkman to Michael J. and Diane M. Joynt, $300,000.

824 Simon St., Washington, J. Matthew and Tiffanie D. Clemmons to Timothy L. and Lisa M. Bonsoe, $306,500.

34 Shiloh St., Morton, Ryan E. and Keely N. LeTourneau to Leo Bong and Suzanne Knapp, $325,000.

Lot 20, Waldheim Subdivision, Morton, Lonnie L. Byers to Thomas P. and Holly M. Stoner, $350,000.

927 W. Jackson Plaza, Morton, Eun Y. Jeong to 2 Brothers LLC, $1,050,000.


1637 N. Tremont St., Spring Bay, Fred E. Sargeant to Jerry L. Bishel Sr., $80,000.

302 W. Tazewell St., Spring Bay, Kathryn M. Tisdale to Anthony J. Bencher, $113,000.

Lot 6, Steffen’s Second Addition to Congerville, Mary Steffen to David A. and Erica E. Steffen, $129,000.

210 Apple Drive, Germantown Hills, Andrew M. Ruder to Simone Longo, $130,000.

1441 Glenwood Ave., Metamora, Brian M. and Chelsea E. Brashaw to Jared and Janet Barker, $168,500.

1111 White Horse Trail, Metamora, J. Patrick and Carol A. Arnold to Troy D. and Delayne Deiss, $178,000.

216 Lawndale Court, Germantown Hills, Cory D. and Karen S. Chandler to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $189,900.

316 Knollaire Drive, Metamora, Laura Forney to Jane S. Kramer, $206,000.

316 E. Eller Drive, East Peoria, Kenneth A. and Sharon Schmitt to Benjamin F. and Dani Harper, $215,000.

1260 N. Hickory Hills Road, Metamora, Wayne and Susan E. Thomas to James and Rosalie Gerkin, $295,500.

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