By | February 10, 2019

PEORIA, IL. – Ivy Club hosted Cocktails For a Cause Saturday evening to support a non-profit this month. Build Peoria was chosen as the first beneficiary to receive donations.

All the money raised from the event will be put toward Build Peoria’s current project, which is building a resident officer house.

Build Peoria’s president, Nick Yates, said it’s humbling to know that there are people that support his organization’s mission and wants to donate to its cause.

"Build Peoria’s mission is to be able to unite the community who love the Peoria area (and) to be able to physically build it into a better place and leave a legacy for future generations," Yates said.

He, as well as the volunteers of his non-profit, are looking forward to continually improving the city of Peoria.

Ivy Club board member, Nicole Roberts was happy to organize Cocktails For a Cause and said the Ivy Club will donate to a new non-profit every month.

"A better Peoria, in my opinion, looks like a thriving community that supports a variety of different causes," Roberts said.

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