By | December 11, 2018

PEORIA, Il. – Peoria City Council’s methods for combating a budget deficit are raising questions throughout the community, and a new parcel fee has raised concerns in the community. The new fee will bill homeowners a one time payment of $25 to $30, depending on the size of structure. Money from that added fee will go towards public service pension needs and is expected to raise $1.2 million.

Councilman Chuck Grayeb was one of 6 council members who voted to approve the new parcel pension fee.

“I have to be concerned about codes and maintaining real estate values that the damn Peoria Association of Realtors know nothing about,” said Grayeb. He add, “They keep steering people up north because they get bigger commissions.”

Despite receiving criticism from realtors, Grayeb is asking people to come up with other solutions that don’t include the city cutting more money from public safety.

“As a realtor my job is not to write policy and to govern our city and manage it that’s what we elect our councilperson for,” said member of PAAR Ryan Cannon.

Cannon has lived in Peoria’s second district his whole life – and now works as a realtor. He says the city cant keep penalizing homeowners over budget problems, and a change needs to happen.

“It’s not my position to figure out their mess but what i can say is it’s harder and harder to sell a property tax bill in the city of Peoria especially with the combined sewer overflow, the storm water utility fee and now the pension fee,” Cannon explained.

WMBD asked Councilman Grayeb for an on camera interview today, he declined. When asked, Cannon said it is a possibility that he would run for District 2 when Grayeb’s seat is up for election in 2021.

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